The Choice Of Eco-friendly Dry Cleaning

At Facettes, we advise you to choose eco-responsible dry cleaners to take care of your blazers and make them last over time, while minimizing the risks to the planet and health.

To take care of our blazer jackets and make them last over time, dry cleaning is recommended. This makes it possible to avoid damaging the structure of the jacket, in particular the shoulder pads, as well as the reinforcement in the sides of the jacket which give it its beautiful drape.

Conventional dry cleaning: a very polluting and dangerous practice for health

Conventional dry cleaning is very polluting and uses a lot of water: it is done through the use of solvents rather than washing water, as well as water to cool the solvents.
Perchlorethylene, used for a long time, has been replaced by other hydrocarbons, which are unfortunately also dangerous for health and the environment.

Ecological dry cleaning: the aqua-cleaning solution

At Facettes, we advise you to favor eco-responsible dry cleaners: they use an aqua-cleaning solution, cleaning with water also called “wet cleaning” or “aqua cleaning”. This technique uses water with additives (detergents and primers) but no dangerous solvents, and its water consumption is less than traditional dry cleaning techniques. Aqua-cleaning consumes between 9 and 15 liters of water, compared to 30 liters for traditional dry cleaners.
The other good news is that aqua cleaning is just as effective and efficient as dry cleaning in terms of stain removal capacity. It uses specific washers and dryers, making it suitable for all types of textiles, even the most delicate.

How often should you wash your blazer jacket?

​A jacket rarely comes into direct contact with the skin, so it is not necessary to wash it very frequently. Ecological dry cleaning is recommended to restore its shine, once a quarter if you wear it often. It is advisable to air your jacket regularly to eliminate any odors, such as cigarette odors for example.

Where to find an ecological dry cleaner?

Here are some brands of ecological dry cleaners, you can search for the eco-responsible dry cleaner closest to you.

Sequoia Pressing: find a store via this link

Baleo Pressing: find a store via this link

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