We share behind the scenes of the creative process, production, as well as our margins in order to show you fashion in all its facets. For fairer and more accessible fashion that takes into account the true value of clothing.
In complete transparency, we prefer to offer you a fair price throughout the year, rather than inflating our prices and then offering you sales.

The quality

We work with the best partners, all experts in their field, from materials to manufacturing, from patterning to buttons.
We create timeless pieces of beautiful quality to extend the life of the garment. The finishes are careful, the materials are chosen according to the model to ensure the best fit.


We want to represent women in all their facets, without locking them into an idealized representation.
We currently offer you a range of sizes from 34 to 44 .
Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in one of our models outside of these sizes, whether 32 or 56.