After 1 year of work, many prototypes, many coffees consumed and sleepless nights, Facettes Studio finally unveils its first capsule collection.

1 year of work which actually corresponds to 10 years of experience and questioning.

10 years ago, my Master's thesis topic was already on Made in France.

10 years ago, I discovered fabrics and materials during my Textile-Clothing master's degree in a business school.

8 years ago I was learning all about colors, fabrics (again) and developing a collection at Parsons in New York.

8 years ago, the documentary the true cost changed my vision of the textile industry and the way I dress.

It's been more than 5 years that I no longer buy fast-fashion.

For more than 3 years, I have been self-employed and support independent French brands in their online strategy. It's my turn to take the plunge with Facettes Studio.

Facettes synthesizes these last 10 years and my vision of fashion, without compromise and without BS ("bullshit").

French manufacturing that guarantees ethical production and the protection of local know-how
upcycled materials chosen to guarantee the best fit according to the style of the garment. zero polyester or polyamide to avoid micro-plastic pollution
timeless colors that work together
a timeless style for slower fashion and clothes that are worn often, and for a long time

Why "Facettes"?

Fan of disco and disco balls, Marie-Laure extends the meaning of the word "facets" to all the facets of women's lives that inspire her, the different facets of the fashion industry that she wishes to show with spontaneity and transparency, and the different facets that constitute the creation of a garment.

"Beyond clothing, my ambition is to help women consume fashion differently, and to build their wardrobe with love."
— Marie-Laure
© arnaud montagard
I share 2 quotes that have inspired me in my approach and continue to inspire me on a daily basis:
“Buy less. Choose well. Make it last.”
— vivienne westwood
“Fight for the things you care about.”
— ruth bader ginsburg

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