Made in France

In order to limit pollution linked to transport and to guarantee ethical production, we have chosen Atelier Masla based in Paris in the 18th arrondissement for the manufacture of our clothes. We also participate in the protection of local know-how.

Reasoned Production

In order to avoid overproduction and possible waste, we prefer to create less but better, slowly but fairly. We take the time to perfect our patterns and have chosen to pre-order. The limited stocks of upcycled materials also force us to produce in small series.

Facettes Studio is a member of the En Mode Climat association, which fights for legislative changes aimed at reducing CO2 emissions from fashion via: the relocation of textile industries to France or Europe, taxing and/or regulating textile imports in coming from countries whose energies emit more greenhouse gases, promoting the development of the re-use and repair industry, taxing and/or regulating excessive consumption incentives.

Upcycled Materials

We only use existing stocks from French and Italian luxury houses. We carefully choose our materials for a perfect fit, adapted to the style of the piece. To go further, we have chosen to ban polyester and polyamide from our materials so as not to participate in the phenomenon of micro-plastic pollution.

Facettes Studio is a member of the Fédération de la Mode Circulaire, representing all players in circular fashion and aiming to develop circularity in fashion for transparent, responsible and fair fashion.

The Fair Price

By working without intermediaries and having the lightest possible structure, we can apply the fairest margins, lower than the standards of premium brands. Instead of inflating prices and then offering you sales, we prefer to offer you a fair price throughout the year.

The know-how

In order to guarantee quality clothing, our know-how lies in the choice of materials. Each material is chosen according to the model to ensure the best fit. We also look at their composition and quality so that they last over time. For patronage, we work with the best model makers, experts in their field. The manufacture is made by Atelier Masla, a clothing workshop that works for the best French brands. The buttons are handcrafted one by one by Atelier Aymeric Le Deun in Paris.