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The Tuxedos

Discover our ultra elegant tuxedo jackets made in Paris using luxury upcycled materials. Whether it is the black tuxedo or the ecru tuxedo with its black satin collar, you have found the jacket that dresses up all your outfits for an evening or a special occasion. We also like to wear it every day with jeans, a cotton t-shirt and sneakers to create a contrast effect.


The History of the Tuxedo

Today considered a timeless piece in both men's and women's wardrobes, the tuxedo jacket has also broken free from conventions and there are multiple ways to wear it. Let's look back at the history of the tuxedo, from the British aristocracy to our contemporary wardrobes.

A timeless piece of the women's wardrobe, women's suits and tuxedos are in the spotlight at Facettes Studio. Crafted and comfortable cuts in timeless and elegant colors, accomplished patterns and careful finishes, discover the Made in France tuxedos made from upcycled luxury materials.

Timeless and elegant tuxedos for women

We are committed to creating timeless and elegant pieces thanks to the choice of materials, accomplished cuts and elaborate finishes. Women's suits, blazers and tuxedos have been part of the women's wardrobe for several decades and have demonstrated their timelessness and elegance, if we stick to balanced proportions which highlight the woman's body without constraining it. We have chosen to offer different cuts of blazers, suit jackets and tuxedos for today's women: strong and elegant clothes, made for a busy life and the modern woman's wardrobe. Opt for the tuxedo jacket that mixes masculine and feminine genders, for a bold and strong look.

How to wear the tuxedo jacket?

If the tuxedo has long been reserved for men's wardrobes for galas and ceremonies, it has now made its place in women's wardrobes and for other less official and dressy occasions. The tuxedo jacket fits easily into today's woman's wardrobe. Whether with a pantsuit, an evening dress, a more casual dress for summer, or even a t-shirt and sneaker set, the tuxedo jacket can be worn with everything and adds a touch of elegance to each look, whatever the occasion. The contrast effects are precisely interesting, breaking the solemn side of the tuxedo, by wearing it with flat shoes or well-washed straight jeans. We also like to wear the tuxedo jacket next to the skin for a look that is both sexy and feminine, without overdoing it. With its satin collar and structured cut, the tuxedo is a must-have for an elegant and dressy style.

What color tuxedo to choose?

The colors of the women's tuxedo are borrowed from the men's wardrobe. Classic and timeless colors of the black tuxedo or the white tuxedo, the tuxedo can also play on contrasts in a two-tone white version with a black satin collar . For a more summery look, choose a white or ecru tuxedo, and opt for a black or navy blue tuxedo jacket for the rest of the year.

What material should you choose for your tuxedo?

The traditional materials for the tuxedo are wool grain, also called barathea wool, and a satin collar. Contrary to popular belief, satin is not always made of silk and there are many synthetic satins, mainly made of polyester. The choice of materials is We chose an upcycled duchess silk satin for the reverse of our tuxedo collars,

Also called Barathea, the grain of powder is a noble fabric with a matte appearance, woven in finely combed wool threads, sometimes mixed with mohair. It is the fabric par excellence for tuxedos and tailcoats as well as evening blazers. We chose an upcycled grain of powder from Nona Source: it is made of 100% wool and comes from Italy. The wool gives it a very elegant appearance, with a contemporary matte finish - fine enough to allow freedom of movement in the material and thick enough to guarantee a perfect fit.

Find our materials guide which deciphers all our upcycled materials from dormant stocks of French and Italian luxury houses.

The history of the tuxedo: from men's wardrobe to female emancipation

Today considered a timeless piece in both men's and women's wardrobes, the tuxedo jacket has also broken free from conventions and there are multiple ways to wear it. Find our article on the history of the tuxedo , from the British aristocracy to our contemporary wardrobes.

Timeless and elegant, the women's tuxedo can be worn in multiple ways: discover the tuxedo made in France seen by Facettes Studio at the fairest price. The choice of cut, beautiful upcycled luxury materials, natural materials, timeless colors: choose the tuxedo to dress you not only for special occasions, but also for everyday life. Explore our collection of women's suit jackets , for a timeless wardrobe that we never tire of.