Retouching & Repair

Facettes Studio partners with Tilli for your retouching needs.

Our mission is to help you consume fashion differently, more slowly, more intentionally. We offer you invisible hems on Facettes Studio pants because we know that there is no such thing as 'one-size-fits-all', especially when it comes to pants length.

How it works?

You make an appointment with Tilli

Depending on the type of alterations required, Tilli entrusts your request to one of its professional

Benefit from an alteration at a preferential rate thanks to the promotional code Facettes Studio for Tilli (communicated privately following your pants order).

you send your garment or your tailor comes to your home

You will receive an email confirming your appointment with your tailor or a shipping slip to ship your garment.

If you have chosen home alterations, your tailor will come directly to your home to take your measurements and agree on a return date for your piece.

The rendering of your clothes

Your designer gives you your altered piece. If the alteration does not suit you, your tailor will take it back to adjust it and you will agree to a new appointment.


Tilli also offers a repair service. Replace a zipper, repair a seam, repair a tear: Tilli lets you take advantage of the Repair Bonus and repairs your favorite piece at a lower cost to make it last again and again...