Suit Jackets

Made in France suit jackets with a timeless style, made from luxury upcycled materials and offered at the fairest price. To dress you from the office to the aperitif.

Discover Facettes Studio jackets: timeless jackets Made in France in luxury upcycled fabrics, from the biggest Parisian fashion houses. Elegant blazer jackets and tuxedo jackets , with careful finishes and a perfect cut, made to last over time and offered at the right price. To wear often and for a long time, for more responsible fashion.

The blazer jacket, initially intended for men, is now one of the essentials of women's wardrobe. Facettes Studio women's blazer jackets are designed and produced using the most eco-responsible approach possible. Cut from upcycled luxury materials, banning polyester, made in Paris, produced in small series and sold without intermediaries at the right price: Facettes Studio blazer jackets and smoking jackets will dress you all year round, season after season.

The Made in France blazer jacket

Facettes Studio women's jackets are all made in Paris, with a quality approach and an eco-responsible commitment. Manufacturing in Paris allows us a privileged and constant relationship with our workshop in order to perfect the finishes of each jacket. This local manufacturing also limits the environmental impact of production by using less carbon-intensive energy than in certain neighboring or more distant countries. Also, at a time when a garment can travel around the planet several times from the raw material to its distribution, it seemed obvious to us to produce our jackets as close as possible to our studio.

The blazer jacket for every day

Whether a basic blazer jacket or a dressy blazer, the jacket lends itself to the everyday wardrobe, for all occasions. For a work outfit, a dinner or the weekend, the blazer jacket can be worn with all outfits. From the jeans, t-shirt and sneakers set, to the dressy dress, or as a total look in a suit ensemble: the blazer jacket fits perfectly into your wardrobe, an essential to wear and wear often, and for a long time. Available in navy blue, black and white, our timeless jackets will quickly become essentials in your wardrobe.

The little black jacket: a must-have for women's wardrobe

The black blazer jacket is available throughout the seasons in different materials: from its black wool gabardine version for winter and mid-season, to its linen blend version, the black blazer can be worn throughout the the year, on an infinite number of outfits. In its more formal evening jacket version, opt for the black tuxedo jacket with its satin collar and satin buttons: for a strong and assertive formal outfit with masculine-feminine accents.

The blazer jacket for all seasons

In mid-season and in winter, find our black wool jackets and our navy blue crepe and wool blazers : to wear layered under a coat. The straight cut jackets and their satin lining allow you to dress in layers, with a turtleneck or a sweater, in complete comfort.
In summer, opt for the linen blazer jacket for a lighter outfit. Whether for a summer office outfit or to dress up a light dress for a summer dinner, the linen jacket can dress up all your summer outfits.

The tuxedo jacket for a dressy evening

For a formal dinner or an event, the women's tuxedo jacket , borrowed from the men's wardrobe, dresses you in elegance and sophistication. As a total tuxedo look with matching pants, over a silk dress, or over raw jeans for a casual chic look, the black tuxedo jacket lends itself perfectly to your dressy evening outfits.

The white blazer jacket for the bride

For a civil wedding or a wedding ceremony, the white blazer jacket offers an original and daring alternative to the traditional wedding dress. The blazer jacket is intended to be a piece that is both modern, easy to wear and full of sensuality with an ambiguity with masculine-feminine accents. Opt for the white blazer for your wedding: to wear over a light, feminine dress, or as a total white look as a tailored ensemble. Accessorize as desired with gold or silver jewelry or a mix of the two, which is what we prefer at Facettes.

Luxurious upcycled materials

In an eco-responsible approach, we have chosen to only use upcycled luxury materials to make our jackets and blazers. By using the dormant stocks of large luxury houses, we are participating in a more circular and less polluting fashion.
We have chosen to go further in our eco-responsible commitments by banning polyester, which contributes to micro-plastic pollution. We therefore do not use any synthetic materials such as nylon, polyester, acrylic, polyamide... all derived from petroleum, which literally correspond to plastic.

The upcycled linen blazer jacket

The black jacket is available for summer in an upcycled linen version : an upcycled linen and viscose twill combined with a sky blue lining, also upcycled. Naturally breathable, linen makes it easy to regulate your body temperature and stay cool all summer long.

The upcycled wool blazer jacket

Find our jackets in upcycled wool , in upcycled navy blue and black gabardine for every day, as well as in upcycled black wool grain in a formal tuxedo version. Wool can be worn in all seasons, including the hottest seasons, because it is thermo-regulating and breathable: we choose cold wools that are both supple and light, which leave you free to move and ensure an elegant fit.

The upcycled viscose blazer jacket

The Diana jacket is available in an upcycled viscose crepe in navy blue : an elegant material with a matte and slightly textured appearance. A perfect everyday blazer that was one of our best-selling jackets and sold out on pre-order due to its very limited production.
In full transparency, viscose is normally a material to be banned by eco-responsible brands due, among other things, to its high consumption of chemicals and its high consumption of water to manufacture it. However, by using upcycled viscose normally destined for landfill, we are helping to make the fashion industry a little more circular. Viscose also has the advantage of not releasing micro-plastics into the water.

Blazer jackets designed for everyday life

Thanks to our co-creation questionnaire , we were able to understand the needs of our customers in order to develop the perfect blazer jacket, adapted to your daily life by offering several solutions.
Our jackets offer ease in the sleeves to guarantee freedom of movement. Straight-cut jackets, neither too tight nor too oversized: for jackets that are pleasant to wear while remaining timeless. Jackets lined with satin materials that slide and facilitate movement as well as layering. A mid-buttock length, neither too short nor too long in order to suit as many body types as possible, as well as a comfort slit in the middle of the back at the bottom of the jacket to guarantee greater freedom of movement and greater comfort.