Farrah Ben Brahim, model, actress and photographer

Q&A game after our shoot with Farrah, the first Facettes model. She shares with us her inspirations, her vision of style and her Parisian addresses.

Hello Farrah, can you tell us about your background in a few words?

My school career stopped at the Baccalaureate. I started with retail to get into the fashion world. I worked there for quite a few years until I said STOP haha.
I devoted myself to the modeling profession from 2019. In 2020, I started an acting school then I dedicate myself today in addition to the rest to photography. It's quite short but the more the years pass the more I like to be secret about what I do!

How would you describe your style?

I have a little trouble answering this question… my style is constantly changing. I like the comfort, and the style without thinking too much about it. The 90s and 00s pretty much define me in terms of style.

Who are your style icons?

The person that immediately comes to mind is Jennifer Aniston in the 90s and 00s, probably because I started watching Friends again. Haha.

"I like to wear jackets with loose joggers, it gives a good look and it's very comfortable."

Your favorite piece in your dressing room?

The oversized jacket that I wear with absolutely everything.

Your favorite piece at Facettes?

I really liked the white jacket!

How do you like to wear your blazer jackets?

Oversized, and I like to wear jackets with loose joggers, it gives a good look and it's very comfortable.

Any tips for taking care of your clothes?

Love them, appreciate them.

A song that gets you pumped?

Hm… at the moment no music comes to mind but more sounds. The laughter of my little sister, of my mom, it gives fishing and a lot of joy.

If you were a drink?

The lemonade! A delight.

Farrah's Paris

A place in Paris to hunt for vintage

Hm, Guerrisol. There are many in Paris and it's not very expensive. I like the challenge. With patience, you can find some very nice pieces there.

A cafe in Paris

A brasserie/café: Chez Pradel Bastille!

A bar in Paris

Well I hardly ever go to bars so I have none that come to mind…

A museum in Paris

I'm going to say The Louvre is a boat, but each time I visit I am amazed.

Farrah posed for the very first Facettes Studio lookbook and wears a size 36.

MUAH and behind the scenes by Alicia Hosdey.