Alicia Hosdey, agency director and make-up artist

Question and answer game with Alicia, makeup artist for Facettes shoots and agency founder. She shares with us her journey, her vision of style and her beauty advice.

Hello Alicia, can you tell us about your journey in a few words?

Originally from Biarritz and adopted Parisian for my studies in Business management, I entered the world of fashion quite quickly. Firstly, as a community manager and secondly, as a make up artist, freelance and self-taught. Each step in my journey happened quite naturally through opportunities and challenges. I developed the profession of makeup artist for 8 years working alongside talented friends and luxury houses like Saint-Laurent, Dior and Lancôme.

Today, I founded my agency "Hosdey" which represents Hair, Makeup & Nails artists in Paris and juggles between my different hobbies combining art, artistic direction, photography, makeup and personal life.

How do you manage your days between being an agency director and a make-up artist?

The creation of my agency was a goal in my career. I wanted to pass on what I was lucky enough to have and develop a plan in my image. My passion for makeup was the springboard to get there. The combination of the two is essential to manage my daily life. My business experience allows me to push my projects to the highest level and that of makeup, to be in the field, to understand the issues and to bring a strong beauty vision.

How would you describe your style?

My style will depend on my desires and situations. I like looking cool as well as looking my best.

On a daily basis, I am quite casual and effortless. I'm going to play with oversize and comfort. For events related to my job or more refined settings, I love to be full glam in makeup/hair and wear strong pieces like a long draped dress or an ultra fitted suit.

Your favorite piece in your dressing room?

A vintage Mugler blazer and Gucci loafers.

Your favorite piece at Facettes?

How do you like to wear your blazer jackets?

Very fitted or very oversized.

“My style will depend on my desires and the situations. I like to be cool as well as to look my best.”

Any advice for taking care of your skin?

You have to understand it and know which products are right for it. Do not overwork it on a daily basis and let it breathe as much as possible.

Your beauty routine?

My skin is very sensitive. I do a double cleanse morning and evening. I balance it with products of natural origin and protect it with SPF moisturizers.

Alicia's Paris

A spa/facialist in Paris

The Spa Valmont des Airelles in Versailles.

A cafe in Paris

The Hôtel de l’Abbaye in the 6th

A song that gets you pumped?

All the songs from my Old School playlist including 'Wannabe' by the Spice Girls or 'Prière païenne' by Céline Dion.

If you were a cocktail party?

Litchi Martini for its simple elegance and Amaretto Sour for its warm side.

If you were a healthy drink?

Homemade iced tea.

Alicia is wearing the Lauren jacket in midnight blue wool gabardine in size 36.