Laurène Domange, founder of Studio Terre Blanche

Meeting with Laurène in her vintage wedding dress studio. She tells us about her journey, her inspirations and her vision of fashion and vintage.

Hello Laurène, can you tell us about your background in a few words?

Hello hello :)
I studied in a business school and then I worked for 5 years in a large French group specializing in health. I had always had the dream of starting a business (even a lot) and so I told myself that it was time to take action. The idea behind Terre Blanche came shortly after the death of my grandmother, from whom I had collected all the evening dresses in quite extraordinary materials. At the same time, Princess Beatrice of York got married in a dress dating back to 1962, which belonged to her grandmother Queen Elizabeth. Terre Blanche was born.

Can you explain to us how you choose your vintage dresses?

It's always a question of emotion, each dress I choose gives me a particular emotion either because it takes us back in time or because it has an element that gives it a lot of style. The common denominator will be elegance and refinement. Terre Blanche dresses are not neutral, they are truly vintage but not old-fashioned. These are dresses that assume and stand out.

How would you describe your style?

I would say pretty minimal. I have a passion for the 1970s and the slightly nonchalant elegance that all women of that era have. I wear high-waisted, loose jeans every day with a small (often vintage) shirt. To dress it all up I always have a little jacket that I put over it. And finally always a vintage handbag (often those of my grandmother).

Who are your style icons?

We stay in the 70s!
Lee Radziwill
Sharon Tate
Minnie Cushing
Virna Lisi

"I wear high-waisted, loose jeans every day with a little shirt (often vintage). To dress it all up, I always have a little jacket that I put on top."

Your favorite piece in your dressing room?

1980s Saint Laurent red velvet jacket that belonged to my mother.

Your favorite piece at Facettes?

Navy blue blazer that I wear for its straight cut and a little oversized, I love its very thick material which gives it all its structure. I find it particularly elegant and able to dress up any outfit.

How do you like to wear your blazer jackets?

On jeans as simply as possible. I very often wear a pair of furlanes to give a bit of color to the whole thing.

Any tips for taking care of your clothes?

Soda percarbonate restores whiteness and suppleness to white clothes. We use it in high doses at Terre Blanche to restore all their shine to vintage wedding dresses.

A song that gets you pumped?

Let me dance Dalida (I love Dalida's style, what a diva, what elegance...)

If you were a cocktail party?

The Spritz! For its vibrant orange color, its both bitter and sweet and downright refreshing side.

If you were a series?

I am currently watching the UFO(s) series. If you like the 1970s then I highly recommend it. The costumes, the music, the sets and the atmosphere, everything will take you back in time. Without forgetting the very mysterious intrigue which is revealed from episode to episode and which will know how to captivate you.

Laurene's Paris

A place in Paris to hunt for vintage

Fleas of course! A really nice outing to do in Saint-Ouen to see wonders and soak up the atmosphere of the place. If you like to rummage, then I recommend those of Vanves, a little more traditional.
Finally, Paris is full of very nice vintage shops like love&dress rue d'Hauteville.

A cafe in Paris

Ten Belles rue ducherche-midi, for an express breakfast or a great coffee on the terrace in the sun.

A bar in Paris

Le Céleste in the 11th if you like formica and drink from Ricard glasses. Deliciously retro and cool atmosphere.

A museum in Paris

The Carnavalet museum, for the architecture of the place and the fact that centuries of history can cohabit in the same place.

Laurène is wearing the Lauren jacket in midnight blue wool gabardine in size 36.