smoking femme made in France par Facettes Studio

The Choice to Make Fashion More Circular: Rent Facettes at Une Robe Un Soir

At Facettes, we choose to make fashion more circular with our creations made from dormant stocks of fabrics from major luxury houses. It seemed obvious to us to offer Facettes for rental at Une Robe Un Soir, the leading clothing and accessories rental site in France.

To consume fashion more responsibly and avoid overconsumption, there are different approaches and approaches:

  • wear what you already have in your wardrobe
  • repair your clothes or bring them up to date via alterations
  • buy second hand
  • turn to eco-responsible brands
  • think about renting your outfits

In perfect alignment with our philosophy of consuming fashion differently and more reasonably, Facettes Studio is now available for rental atUne Robe Un Soir. It is possible to rent a Facettes jacket online or via their showroom , for everyday outfits or for a slightly more special occasion.

For everyday or office outfits, the Lauren jacket in its midnight blue gabardine and black wool gabardine versions is available for rental.

For formal evenings or events, the Lauren blazer is available in a tuxedo version with its satin collar and linen twill , or in a black wool version with satin buttons , both exclusively at Une Robe Un Soir.

In a move towards slower and more circular fashion, rental is one of the perfect ways to renew your wardrobe while limiting waste and expenses.

Exclusively at Une Robe Un Soir